23-year-old Kago announced Parental Guidance

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Former Morning Musume member Kago, in his official blog has announced the sake of the child were married news.
Kago said in a blog that he had been in charge of restaurant operations with a company employee, 44-year-old cohabitation among the A’s, and which have recently learned that a small stomach the fact that life has officially married this month. In this regard, Kago is in between the lines of which conceal their joy, she said: “For this double wedding, I feel happy in itself, but also feel a responsibility to bear in his body as a The 23-year-old woman, wife, mother, I will be a good grasp of this happiness, and has been guarding it, and also hope that everyone can support us! ” ralph lauren
A’s was arrested in September of attempted intimidation and was arrested (September 27, the Tokyo District Prosecutor’s Office to retain its action because of insufficient evidence and released), happened after the Kago in spirit became very unstable, even once chose to commit suicide, this was also in Japan caused a big stir. After Kago has been implicated in the litigation between the firms and their respective events, can be described as troubled. In November, Kago through Twitter that he has recovered, restart the performing arts. polo shirts
Although Kago no access to any entertainment activity, but she said: “Before I let you speak to a lot of heart, and I also am very to sorry! The future I will be with her husband and efforts, cuddling, mutual cooperation, to construct a normal, happy, warm family and continue to struggle. ” lacoste polo
About her husband, date of marriage and pregnancy, Kago and did not disclose too many specific details. Also on the matter, Kago also did not want to meet will be held at correspondent’s intention. lacoste shirts
Power Toyotomi Performing Arts Company Limited announced the establishment of 19 in Beijing. Our artists Chiu, Yu Wang, Yufei, Bowie (microblogging), Wong Hei, Yang Shan, Hong Zhou, Huang Bojun attended conference, Song Hye Kyo, SJS two Korean artists have joined the recorded video to express wishes. ralph lauren polo
Chiu said the new “big Wudang” After the shooting, the shooting of a description of Changshan TV, in addition to next year will take forty-five movies, many of whom are cross-step to make.
Song Hye Kyo in the video revealed early next year will be John Woofilm “Fatal Love” (formerly “Pacific Wheel 1949″) of the shooting.
CEO, film producer Terence Chang said, China does not lack a good actor, but the lack of a true star, he wants power Toyotomi able to provide more opportunities for artists, a place where their dreams come true.
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