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After dark – 24

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    “No, no, no special effects lenses and fight … … to explain what is not good, is a concept of the movie. Black and white, lines and more, the kind of art cinema film.”
    “For example, in the Alpha town, crying tears of people to be arrested and publicly executed.”
    “Because the city does not allow people Alpha has deep feelings, so there is no love something, there is no contradiction and irony ③. All the things to focus on using mathematical formulas.”
    Kaoru frowned: “irony?”
    “People on their own, something belonging to an objective view of their own, or reverse look, find out the composition of banter.” moncler jacket buy online
    Kaoru thought on the interpretation of Mary, said: “This said, I do not understand, but the city can exist Alpha sexual intercourse?” discount ralph lauren shoes
    “Sexual intercourse there.” moncler jacket cheap
    “Sexual intercourse without love and irony?” fake ralph lauren polo shirts
    “Yes.” loui vuitton wallet
    Kaoru felt funny like laugh: “So think about it, this love with the name of the hotel in good agreement.”
    A little man dressed middle-aged male guests come in, sit at the bar at one end, to a cocktail, talking quietly and foreman. Seems to be regulars. Usual seat, usual drinks. To the city for the night shelter at the strange men and women in a.
    “You had been a woman wrestler?” Asked Mary.
    “Ah, when a very long time. Looks great cattle high horse, but also fighting, high school will be selected, and immediately won, and since then has been a clown. Confused golden hair, eyebrows shaved, even on the shoulders of the red scorpion tattooed, but also from time to time on TV so! Hong Kong and Taiwan also went to the game, there is a ‘local support group’ as a group, although small. never seen women’s wrestling it, you? ”
    “Not seen.”
    “That is not an easy sale, and ultimately broke the back, aged 29, had retired that year and I do not know this person Shuahua Tou, all honest to play the dash, ruining the results of the body. And then there is also strong limits Well, I do not come that people are born slippery thing, full of dedication may be considered, a loud cheer the audience in high spirits, and unconsciously dry too far now as long as the attached rain, burst back on the slow burst of pain in tight . that time, only to do nothing, lying motionless. ”
    Kaoru issued a “crunching” of the aloud turning the neck.
    “Hot phenomenon when the money earned, but also rushes to praise the people around them, but retired after almost nothing left, nothing is not left. ④ rural Yamagata parents to build a house themselves to be it, but then her brother is still gambling, but also spent less understanding of the relative who is invested in bank clerk brought the strange project … … not after money, no front of this ten years doing their own in the end it? such a thought, it was really frustrating to the extreme. to three-year-old body did not fall apart, the deposit is zero after being worried about what to do when he met while in the fan club president now When I asked the hotel manager, how to love. that is the manager, you can see, in fact, half of the bodyguards. “drink it cup leftover smoked beer, Kanliao Yan watch.
    “There does not matter if you work?” Asked Mary.
    “Love hotel this place, this time the most lightly. Tram has stopped, and now come in almost all overnight guests, there can be no morning decent movement, officially speaking, or working hours, but drinking a glass of beer was not what retribution of. ”
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