What is LED Street Light ?

LED Street Light (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor light. It is efficient solid-state light source which based on the formation of a semiconductor PN junction and can light up in a weak energy, in a forward bias voltage and the injection current injected into the P holes and electrons in the N spread to active region issued after radiative recombination photons of light energy directly into electrical energy. It is a solid cold light source, with environmental pollution, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, long life and other characteristics, therefore, LED lights will become the best energy-saving lighting options.

Advantage of led street light

1, LED street lights characteristics - unidirectional light, no light diffusion, which ensure the efficiency of light.

2, LED street lights have a unique optical design, the LED street light shines area lighting required to further improve the light efficiency in order to save energy.

3, LED street light source efficiency reached 110-130lm/W, but it still can be improved, theoretical value is 250lm/W. The high-pressure sodium lamp luminous efficiency is increased with the increase in power have, therefore, the overall efficiency LED light stronger than high pressure sodium lamps; (this overall light efficiency is theoretical, in fact, more than 250W HPS light efficiency than LED) .

4, LED street light color than high pressure sodium much higher, high pressure sodium lamp color rendering index of only 23, while the LED lights color rendering index of 75 or more, from the visual psychological point of view, to achieve the same brightness, LED lights for illumination average of than high pressure sodium reduced by 20% or more, (see British road lighting standards).

5, light is small, light decline a year less than 3% for 10 years still to road illumination requirements, and high-pressure sodium lights big decline, about a year has fallen more than 30%, therefore, LED lights in the use of power design can be lower than the high-pressure sodium lamps.

6, LED street lights with automatic control of energy-saving devices, to achieve different times to meet the lighting requirements in the case of the maximum possible reduction in power and save energy. Spark intelligent LED street lights dimming can be achieved computer, sub-time control, lighting control, temperature control, remote control, automatic inspection and other user-friendly features.

7, LED is a low-voltage devices, drive single LED voltage is safe voltage, the series are single LED power 1 watt, so it is a more secure than using a high voltage power supply, especially for public spaces (such as: street lighting, factories lighting, automotive lighting, commercial lighting, etc.).

8, Volume of each unit LED is small, it can be prepared into various shapes of devices, and can be used in variable environment.

9, long life: more than 50,000 hours and provide three years of quality assurance. Inadequacy is the power supply can not be guaranteed.

10, high luminous efficiency: ≥ 100LM chips, as opposed to traditional high pressure sodium lamp energy saving more than 75%.

11, easy to install: no need rectifiers Jiamai cable directly to the street light poles connected to or installed in the original light source nested shells.

12, excellent thermal control: Summer temperature at 45 degrees, and the use of passive cooling in the summer heat inadequate protection.

13, reliable: the power circuit all high-quality components, each LED has a separate overcurrent protection, without fear of damage.

14, light color uniform: without lens, not to increase the brightness at the expense of uniform light color, thus ensuring no aperture light color uniform.

15, LED does not contain toxic metals mercury, unlike high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps at end of life damage to the environment.

Taking these principles, high power LED street light energy saving effect is remarkable, instead of high-pressure sodium lamps can save 60% or more. (To be fine)

Low maintenance costs: Compared with traditional lamps, LED street light maintenance costs low, by comparison, less than six years to recover the full cost of inputs.

Low wattage led street lights(a lot cheaper than high wattage):

Shortcoming of led street light

1 single LED is low power. In order to obtain more power, it need to multiple parallel, low color rendering index.
The LED is not illuminated incandescent true color display, which come from the analysis of the spectral distribution, a technical problem.

3 spot.
Since the white LED manufacturing process itself have some problems, plus the reflective cup or defective lenses with errors likely to cause "yellow circle" issue.

4.LED irradiation uniformity issues
Without secondary optical design, LED illumination is more concentrated, so be sure to secondary optical design, the light intensity distribution it was bat-shaped.

5.The problem of light fade

Compared to the low-power LED, power LED street light failure will be much better.

However, low-power LED heat dissipation is very small. The power LED is there no way to solve the heat problem, and after heating the brightness will be significantly reduced, so the power can not be bigger. Now marketed Spark LED lights is the biggest 360W.

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