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How to make your Christmas dinner table

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    No matter where you are, this time of year, always surrounded by an atmosphere that is like a ray of warm air, with warm, sweet and a little excitement around the corner penetrate into your heart, it has a delicious turkey, there are sweet pudding, a salad of fresh. Perhaps the perfect Christmas dinner is started from here.
    To create a festive atmosphere with food is not surprising, but to this behavior, but it takes time to become a traditional precipitation and appealing food. Gingerbread is the best example. In the West, one Christmas, gingerbread house almost everywhere, and they and the Christmas tree together, to build a people's festival of all the memory, but this can eat pastries decorated this year must have your family entered into it.
    There are two English gingerbread one is Gingersnap, from the literal to a good understanding of thin crisp ginger + bread; and another statement from the German, called Lebkuchen. In short, when to eat Christmas gingerbread is a small pastry, usually with honey, brown sugar, almonds, candied peel and spices made. This is a cake and cookies in between between a small point. The traditional gingerbread, to honey, pepper for the material, sweet and spicy taste stimulation. The gingerbread is now improved, sprinkle the outside layer of frosting, not only rich in taste, appearance is quite pleasing ralph lauren
    Gingerbread to today, like gingerbread house, gingerbread man is decorated or even the general gingerbread, have not been forgotten, still plays an important role when the holiday, most families during the Christmas ginger will manufacture their own hands cake. polo shirts
    With sweet pudding on Christmas dinner is very appropriate. As a traditional Christmas food, puddings have been given a happy and harmonious meaning. In the West, pudding is often finished with the whole family. When mixing the dough will make a wish, it is said to be stirred in a clockwise direction, turn the wrong direction will not auspicious. Finally, into the possession of a coin, who will be awarded for one year to eat good luck! lacoste polo
    When the start of the Christmas dinner, people must eat an almond pudding, then you can begin to eat something else. If anyone can eat egg only complete almonds, who is one of the best of luck next year, usually on the big people will be the youngest While almond bowl make them happy. lacoste shirts
    In the traditional Christmas table, roast turkey is indispensable dishes. In some Asian countries, and perhaps there are only a genius to eat turkey this Christmas to celebrate the festive season; but in Europe, especially in the American continent, turkey is a very common kind of meat, and two of Thanksgiving and Christmas big day, turkey is the traditional food. ralph lauren polo
    Turkey is a specialty of the Americas, before the Europeans to the Americas, Indians have been domesticated. Turkey's name in English called "Turkey." Because it looks like the Europeans think Turkey's clothing: black heads and red body. Europeans like to eat roast goose. After the immigration to America, not keep a good goose geese have a requirement to eat, so eat turkey, turkeys than geese even find delicious. And North America there are a lot of turkey. Americans have become so roast turkey meal, an important holiday essential.
    Eat turkey for nearly four centuries of history. The symbol of the Thanksgiving harvest feast reunion "Christmas Dinner" and "Thanks giving Dinner" in the "Dinner" does not refer to the original dinner. But should be eaten at noon. Since Thanksgiving is the fourth week of November each year on Thursday. Christmas has been very close to the big festivals this year. It is Thanksgiving and Christmas days of Jesus' coming. Therefore, the symbol of Thanksgiving turkey dinner will be extended to Christmas.
    American custom of eating turkey is turkey abdominal filling materials, into the oven baked. Such as whole turkeys will be cooked on the table, and then baked turkey knife and fork to cut together to enjoy. In other words, they eat the "whole chicken." As for why, regardless of good and then the tables? This is probably as we Danian Ye eat fish, do not use the whole fish fillets and serve with the same reason. Dishes not only take into account the appearance and visual richness. There are also family reunion together to enjoy dinner symbol. The British like to a lot of fruits and vegetables such as carrots, celery, onions, chestnuts, etc., into the ten-pound turkey belly, and then cast a variety of spices in the surface, then bake in oven.
    In Italy, many people have a vegetarian Christmas customs and traditions. Do not eat meat, cod fish down in the table on the platform. Prawns, squid, shellfish, meat, salad made of fish, as well as smelt, eel sauce made from nuts.
    Christmas tree stump cake originated in France. Buche de Noel is the French, Buche de is the log mean, Noel is the meaning of Christmas. English called the Yule log, Yule is the former name for Christmas, log is the stumps, logs mean, Yule log cake, also known as stumps cake, Christmas cake, firewood, wood cake!
    In France, every year to December, Christmas is not only the atmosphere of the street up gradually strong, began in the emergence of a cake shop is like a tree trunk resulting cake Buchedenoel (firewood Christmas cake). Without this cake, the atmosphere of Christmas seems to be so colorful. As for why firewood Christmas cake will take the shape of it? Is said to be a legend from Lithuania: If the previous year burnt Chaizuo Cheng gray, this gray can be evil, especially the thunderbolt of these E things. Therefore, in the week before Christmas, it will take a maximum of firewood to burn, burn on Christmas Day. France on Christmas Eve, no matter where you work from home will be quickly reunited in their hometowns, as the Chinese Shou Sui, have a family reunion vigil habits. Keep to the time when the middle of the night, usually before the family gathered in the heaters, wood eat cake with a coffee or tea, cold side of driving, it also took the opportunity to contact the family of human feelings.
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