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“Madagascar 3″ exposed first trailer

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    International online entertainment coverage DreamWorks 3D animated film “Madagascar 3″ exposure first team first edition trailer. Ben Stiller, David Hugh Farmer, , Chris Rock, and so few full return to the main voice, and in the exposure of the trailer, but also a few cute little animals make all the stops to buy Meng, funny. Moncler Vosges down jacket in gray
    “Madagascar 3″ about the four main characters as the “Circus” tour in Europe the story. the voice of a human role. This role is very shrewd cunning, is to lead the troops to catch up a big bad animal. In addition to , the “Madagascar 3″ will also join more than a “novice”, including those from Italy, sea lions, tigers and leopards from Russia, etc., which makes the film more “globalization” Moncler Bady down jacket purple
    “Madagascar” series has been a money-making magic DreamWorks,the first and second sets, respectively, from $ 90 million and 100 million $ 80 million at the box office; The film’s overseas performance is beautiful, “Madagascar” 3 $ 139 million, “Madagascar 2″ is 400 million $ 23 million. Obviously, the movie pulled in the third in Europe, not only to please the local audience with the Americans show off more exotic, really easy way out. Moncler Quincy down jacket in chocolate brown
    “Madagascar 3″ by Eric – Daniel and Conrad – Vernon co-directed the film in North America on June 8, with Ridley – Scott’s “Prometheus” released the same day . However, two completely different types of films, completely do not need each other to grab the audience. Moncler Quincy down jacket in red
    Reported in the international online entertainment kicked off this year’s Christmas schedule boiling, film bustling city, the number one pre-summer blockbuster of the bit next year’s “Batman: The Dark Knight Rise” will not miss the opportunity as propaganda, at the weekend, Warner Bros. film Los Angeles for the film industry in the early exposure of six minutes spent at the world film premiere, the director Christopher Nolan and producer Charles Rowan, who appeared together, part of the lucky from around the world the first taste of film reporter the shock effect of the film. Moncler Montargis Dark Green puffer down jacket
    According to foreign media after the premiere of the said six minutes to spend in the film there is a quick clip of the picture, which appeared in Bain villain, Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon – Levitt joined the cast of new , as well as new weapons exposure, but because the film side of the requirements, take the contents of the film is not yet available, but the audience can be released in the early 16′s “Mission Impossible 4″ to watch the IMAX screenings in six minutes of wonderful the content. Moncler Montargis Brown puffer down jacket
    Last week we learned that, “Monster” of female directors has officially pulled out of school Dijiejinsi film “Thor 2″ program, had to diffuse Way Film speed, concern for the sequel to this film to find a suitable director candidates, the film media reports today, the company has begun to lock the two final candidates, “Quake 2″ from the official director Alan Taylor and Danny Ermi sweat between the two filmmakers. Moncler Montargis Chocolate puffer down jacket
    Alan Taylor’s first film work in 1995′s “Robber trio”, after which he founding the television market, has served as “Sex and the City”, “The West Wing,” Moncler Gamme Rouge Cream polyester puffer jacket“The Sopranos” and other classic American TV director In recent years, and directed the “Mad Men” and “Song of Ice and Fire” and other popular TV series. Danny Ermi Khan also directed “The Song of Ice and Fire”, in addition to “Grey’s Anatomy” and “True Blood” two works, but the movie lacks in experience. Moncler Nantes down jacket in black
    With the school Dijiejinsi exit, “Thor 2″ will follow the script is also possible to change the current Tangpei En has produced the first draft completed, but the Man-wai is considering “Master and Commander” of Yue Hanke in , “Saving Private Ryan” and Robert Rhoda special “Silent Hill” screenwriter Roge Aiwa Li to join several of the other, original cast with men are also expected to return. This sequel’s release date is adjusted to the November 15, 2013. Moncler Georgia down jacket in brown

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