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As for the novel "clip" some French textbook website also book in the sale, original price 18 euros, the lowest 0.9 euros now able to buy. 1994, when writing this debut novel, Valery Giscard d'Estaing has 68 years of age. Novel about a young and abnormal love for old-fashioned story, the hero of Charles is a middle-aged men living alone, in one trip, met 20-year-old blonde girl Natalie to catch his car, then place the unpredictable life changes. Book reviews in such words - "a painful and confused passion," the novel's description of the sex scenes aroused much controversy, and was associated with the former president's own private life. French presidents have exposed several indecent: a second family and illegitimate daughter Mitterrand, Chirac was a night out when the media allegations, Justice Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and women rumors. As Mitterrand's predecessor, Valery Giscard d'Estaing looks arrogant strict, in fact, rumors are just a lot. French presidential election will normally be in the family to move into the Elysee Palace, Giscard palace seven years, his family did not join them, so not only the tabloids like to take this matter to make a fuss, "Le Monde", "The Economist" and other mainstream media evening activities and the president's whereabouts is full of interest, often broke the news. Goldstein was a favorite happens to write novels of romantic love people more than his pen after leaving office in 1994, wrote, "fragment" in 2009, the "Princess and the president," and now "Matilda", the initiative to offer the curious the sort order for the many details. Readers that they all come from real, but also that it was just fiction and fantasy, and as the author of Destin completely according to income, is not offensive either inferred. ralph lauren
"The New York Times" station, a female reporter in Paris Elaine (Elaine Sciolino) 2011 has just published a book on French temptation, refers to "seduce" the French politicians remain attractive weapon. In the book she took out to do a large segment analysis Goldstein, written Youla ruthless. She said, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, French President campaign in 1974 when I believe you have found the greatest magic to win the election, and this magic is the female vote, but he sought the way of women voters is not the usual politicians pay equity or child care policy, and is confident that their masculinity, "is used when connecting the two people look at first sight that said lightning." To say it, the law is not in fact what Goldstein's exclusive Cheats, his successor, Francois Mitterrand, Chirac and Sarkozy is more thoughtful than he did. polo shirts
Elaine also analyzed in 2009, "Princess and the President" published over 80 Destin is unwilling to quit politics, eager to sell their image as a lingering glory of man. "One morning, in his recently published novel, shortly after this, I visited him in Paris, the home of Area 16 in his apartment filled with antiques, the hand over 80 men softening Da, fat bald surface wrinkled, but still in the imagination of young and beautiful princess with a love story happened, and to enjoy this as in his dream and insist Playboy ideal of love, the kind of thing makes me feel sorrow and grief. " lacoste polo
In the "Princess and the President" in the previous novel, Goldstein is similar to the "fanatical passion" placed in a French head of government and a British Princess, between the time the 1980s background, the outcome is the president and the Princess from Tuscany in Italy and lived a happy life. Shuxun one, not yet available, the French and British media have been jumping for joy, the true composition of the book there is a large plus guess how much the French "Le Figaro" book review or even "the novel is full of convincing detail sufficient to "Diana is really visualize d'Estaing and some affair. Back in the 1990s, the international gossip to pass over Valery Giscard d'Estaing and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger as Diana jealousy thing. In 2007, Valery Giscard d'Estaing to accept a French magazine interview, took the initiative to talk about his and Diana's first meeting, the two charity banquet at Versailles met, he was her "deep blue eyes" to attract. Goldstein also described Diana as a cat, "to walk quietly." And docking of these novels, it does not distinguish the true and false. lacoste shirts
Politicians write books and rare, but most is writing his memoirs and political commentator. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill's "Memoirs of the Second World War," to help him win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953, former French President Charles de Gaulle wrote Huang Huang step down after a few voluminous memoirs. However, as Valery Giscard d'Estaing that politicians love to write fiction really is rare. Considered a former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, he had two novels out before the fall: "raisins and the King" and "fortress." Alleged "raisins and the King" is about the resistance and love, "fortress" is a pure war stories, anyway, few people read. In the United States presidents, the Carter was the first to write novels, he published a novel in 2003, "Honeycomb", written from 1775 to 1784 during the American War of Independence of the story, there are a lot of praise. Carter also wrote 17 books before, are poetry and memoirs. In France, politicians seem to be writing a novel a few more. In addition to Goldstein, the 1950s have Andre Malraux and Edgar • • Darfur. Malraux into the political arena before the "human condition" and other novels too Goncourt literary prize, when the minister of culture after the focus on the literary writings and memoirs, not re-written novels. Twice in the 1950s as French Prime Minister Edgar • Darfur love code word, leaving a dozen political science or sociology writing, free to also use the pen name "Ed Faure" or "Edgar Sanday" and write some detective suspense novel, and now there are still named after him the French detective literature awards. In 1950 he was cabinet minister of the government when the budget, but also with the pseudonym "Edgar Sanday" write a suspense novel "Lange Mr. Lu Wa does not always mean that his own" entertainment has been entertaining people. Darfur has said that he live in this world all the time to attract women into this matter, I am afraid also write fiction. ralph lauren polo
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