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Russia intends to implement political reforms

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    As a politician and presidential candidate, a majority still support Putin, we must respect the majority opinion.
    - The spokesman for Putin said
    We do not want the revolution, we want the government to improve, positive changes … I think most people is the idea.
    - Said one demonstrator
    According to the spokesman Xinhua News Agency Xinhua Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Peskov, 25, delivered a speech on the recent demonstrations, the protesters in a few lines.
    Putin’s United Party responsible for Russia, which is planning the government’s recent proposals to reform the political system, once introduced, will protest the “calm”.
    United Russia:
    Tangle is a dialogue
    Duma United Russia party, Vladimir • Boolean My Tuofu 25, said the event “are not organized,” “lack of consensus.”
    “The protest leaders absolutely nothing between them and do not recognize how they cannot even call this demonstration cannot agree, how can we talk to them.” Boolean Matuo Fu said.
    25 made some demonstrations in the “people”, as former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin and prominent anti-corruption in Navarre. Kudrin said the event, called for the creation of a working group to collect requests, suggestions, dialogue with the government. Moncler Alpes down jacket in chocolate brown
    Office of the General Council of the United Russia’s First Deputy Secretary of Issa Aliyev said the government is considering recent proposals to reform the political system, once introduced, will protest the “calm”. ”A lot of questions, answer questions in the post-Putin … … get the answer,” Isa Aliyev said that the Government prepared to dialogue to reform. Moncler Austin down jacket in white
    The spokesman for Putin Moncler Clairy down jacket in shiny black
    The protesters, on behalf of the minority Moncler Angers belted down jacket in golden
    Peskov told the press, said: “. As a politician and presidential candidate, a majority still support Putin, we must respect the majority opinion ” Moncler Ski down jacket in purple
    Peskov, Putin described as “strong”, as presidential candidate, said he was “beyond the competition.” “Clearly, the presidential election (other candidates) do can not compete with Vladimir Putin. “ Peskov. Moncler Ski down jacket in red
    For the latter staged demonstrations against Putin repeated, Peskov the event on behalf of minority groups, despite their aspirations should be taken seriously. ”Should we consider their demands, should listen to their opinions, their ideas must be respected, those who took to the streets is also an important component of society.” Moncler Tulsa down jacket in black
    Russian media said 25 demonstrators took to the streets of Moscow, tens of thousands of people who oppose Putin waved banners, chanting slogans criticizing the Duma elections earlier this month there is fraud. Moncler Tulsa down jacket in caramel
    To promote the government to reform Moncler Tulsa down jacket in dark Khaki
    United Russia party held four months of the Duma elections was 49.3% of votes, won 450 seats in the 238 seats. Russian Communist Party and other opposition parties and some media accused of irregularities in the vote. Moncler Vosges down jacket in ivory
    25, tens of thousands of people gathered in Moscow, Sakharov Avenue, to protest against electoral fraud. Demonstration approved by the gouvernement.Moscou police said 25 demonstrators were $ 2.9 million in total, and the organizers, about 12 people participated in demonstrations.
    Some protesters said the demonstration was not intended to create chaos, but to motivate the government to reform. ”We are law-abiding citizens,” said one protester, “We do not want the revolution, we (the government) to improve, positive changes … I think most people, it is theidea. ”
    Makarov, now aged 27, is an engineer. He said: “We are here because this is the only form of dialogue with the authorities.”
    Since, according to Xinhua News Xinhua after the Duma election rally of protest from the Russian society is changing. Russian leaders have repeatedly said that the public demands to be expressed in the Act.
    15 people in connection with the chat show, the people most concerned about the election of Vladimir Putin on the issue of transparency has made a firm decision will be 90,000 polling stations nationwide network camera assembly, allowing the opposition to vote the whole process of supervision.
    22, Dmitri Medvedev State of the Union, clearly emphasized the full implementation of the proposals for political reform, which mainly include the direct election of the district administrator, to simplify procedures for registering political parties and candidates presidential reduce the threshold for registration and so on.
    Medvedev called for a comprehensive reform of the system of domestic policy for all citizens to participate fully in the legal and political possibilities. He proposed to restore the local Chief Executive direct election system, political parties, to simplify registration procedures and reduce the threshold for registration of independent presidential candidate.
    Medvedev bluntly, the process and the subsequent election protests that lack of communication between government and voters need to improve. State of the Union in about 70 minutes of his speech, Medvedev promised to fight against corruption . He believes that officials should declare their assets to expand the portée.Medvedev did not specify when to start the legislative process concerning the implementation of political reform.
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