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Syria signs Arab League plan, minister says

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    Syria has signed an Arab League proposal aimed at ending violence between government forces and protesters, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem announced, as an opposition group reported nearly 50 deaths in one day.
    Monday’s announcement by Moallem came just days after the Cairo-based group of Arab nations warned it could ask the U.N. Security Council to intervene in the restive country, but Moallem insisted repeatedly that it was Syria’s decision to sign the protocol.
    “We want a political solution. I do not want the killings to go on,” he said.
    The Local Coordination Committees of Syria, an opposition group, reported that 48 protesters including a woman and two children were killed Monday. It did not give a source for its numbers, but said most of the deaths happened in the southern city of Daraa and in Homs, just north of the Lebanese border. tory burch
    The U.N. estimates that more than 5,000 people have died since an uprising against the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad began in mid-March. tory burch shoes
    Moallem said the country needed a political solution involving “national reconciliation and dialogue,” but accused “some factions in the opposition, particularly outside Syria,” of refusing to participate in the government-backed “national dialogue.” tory burch sale
    Syrian opposition leader Burhan Ghalioun was not impressed by the signing of the agreement. tory burch flats
    “The Syrian regime is playing games and want to buy time. We are quite surprised that the Arab league is allowing this to take place,” the head of the Syrian National Council said in comments on Orient TV from Tunisia. tory burch flip flops
    Five Arab League ministers drafted a resolution Saturday calling for the end of violence and approving an observer mission in Syria. tory burch reva
    The resolution was hammered out in Doha, Qatar, the same day government security forces killed 41 people in a crackdown on anti-regime elements, an activist group said. tory burch sandals
    Eight of the dead were members of the Free Syrian Army, the rebel force of military defectors.
    World powers have deplored the government’s activity, and they are looking for ways to rein in violence and urgently contain the threat of civil war, reflected in the emergence of the armed defector force.
    The Arab League devised and promoted the plan to send observers to Syria weeks ago, but the government in Damascus raised objections and called for caveats to the resolution.
    The league — which expelled Syria last month — had accused the al-Assad regime of procrastinating in dealing with the proposal.
    Sanctions against Syria have been initiated by the United States, the European Union, Turkey and the league.
    The passage of a U.N. Security Council resolution would require an approval by two permanent council members — Russia, a longtime ally of Syria, and China, both of whom have rejected tough U.N. action toward Syria.
    The man said the improvised explosive devices were produced and kept at an abandoned house belonging to al-Hashimi in the al-Yarmouk neighborhood.
    He also alleged that the vice president personally thanked him after a number of attacks, and that he was rewarded $3,000 after the first IED attack against a senior Ministry of Health official.
    The man in the video said al-Hashimi ordered him to map out security locations and checkpoints for the Baghdad Brigade, which protects the Green Zone.
    He said he was speaking out to “clear his conscience” and “expose this criminal.”
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