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take a good three steps technical innovation

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    In the increasingly grim economic situation under the influence of the second half of this year, China’s textile industry, a very difficult situation. However, the reporter recently in all directions Textile Co., Ltd. Shaanxi interview see is an entirely different story: stability of the workforce, improve productivity, outstanding business performance. Asked why, Zhang Xiaoguang, chairman and general manager, told reporters, Octagon company has been able to achieve such results, the main technical innovation is to insist on the strength of the species to be dynamic, to management for efficiency, two years, take a good the technical innovation, variety and management of three steps, the old plants display a new face, three times a company a substantial increase in wages for workers, business for three consecutive years among the “competitiveness of Chinese textile and garment 500.”
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    In 2009, the newly appointed chairman and general manager Zhang Xiaoguang proposed a “second pioneering” development plan, the revitalization of business and technological progress as a breakthrough. Company self-financing, to take small run of the method, has invested 60 million yuan, gradual transformation, so that corporate power has increased significantly. tory burch shoes
    About transformation of the situation, Chen Lixin, head of the company said the device, beginning in 2009, Octagon’s accelerating pace of industrial upgrading and transformation, an investment of 30 million, the implementation of the “new textile fiber fabric production line” technology change project. Company out of shuttle looms, the new Japanese Tsudakoma ZAX-9100 24 sets of air-jet looms, air jet loom made 32 general sound; out of 1332 winder 12, adding six automatic winder imports, constant day Heavy sizing machine 1 and supporting facilities. Two plans to invest 35 million yuan, the implementation of “differentiated textile fiber spinning production line” transformation project, adding 20,000 spindles producing yarn differentiation. Meanwhile, also on the part of the old Qing Hua carding equipment upgrades, out of old technology, the use of carding new technology. Two technology projects through the implementation of the company significantly increased the level of equipment, now has 100,000 spindles, looms more than 1,600 units, as well as with international advanced level of automatic winding machine, air-jet looms, spinning machines, etc. sophisticated equipment. tory burch sale
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    Octagon company ‘sales turn around the market, production sales turn around, turn the plant around the benefits of “business philosophy to focus on” doing fine, so special, and stronger “, the cultivation of a strong technical research capabilities of R & D team for new product development has laid a strong technology base. Companies to increase investment in R & D funding and personnel, the establishment of a provincial enterprise technology center, and constantly improve the technological content. The past two years, they insist industry, academia and research combined, focusing on new technologies, new processes, new materials, product positioning to keep the functional, complex, environment-friendly changes, the formation of products with unique advantages of Octagon. tory burch reva
    This year, for the textile market downturn, loss of cotton products, Octagon’s timely adjustment of product structure, has developed and produced voile, stretch fabric, new fiber woven, blended fabrics and other new products with high added value, so that each m cloth, the average price increased more than 2 yuan. 1 to 10 months, the Octagon’s new product output value of thousands of yuan for enterprises to achieve better economic efficiency and lay a solid foundation. Wen-Juan Chen, director of product development, told reporters in recent years, every year nearly 90 Octagon’s new product introduction, new products year after year short-listed “Fabrics China”, in this year’s annual meeting of the national new product development, five products were “Outstanding Innovation Award”, 7 product of the “Good Design Award”, two products of the “Innovative Design Silver Award.” tory burch sandals
    To management for efficiency
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    Company business management, said Director Du Zhixiang, Octagon company through “years of quality and efficiency”, “management efficiency” activities, improve the management level. Business year, a theme, the implementation of a number of new management initiatives, with good results. They integrate a unified policy management by objectives, through issue research, conservation potential activities, the implementation of the employee congress proposal, a strong impetus to the work. Through the implementation of a new model of quality supervision, the establishment of auditors system, such as psychological counseling for employees, continuously push forward the business management to a new level. The company also revised and improved “new students into the factory management approach”, “acclaimed direct grassroots cadres,” the “workers, technicians, plant technicians youth,” and “illegal workers standards of discipline and punishment,” the way to take special trick to recruit college students, Employment for workers, technicians, mentoring assistance and education to carry out activities in the training and selection of young workers in the management of cadres, workforce development has been further strengthened.
    Companies interviewed, accompanied by propaganda minister Zhu Cheng told reporters the company in selecting and employing people, adhere to the “ability and integrity, to Germany for the first” standard, and make bold explorations and attempts to take decisive method of competition open selection of middle-level cadres. Selection of middle-level cadres to go through open enrollment, eligibility, competition level speakers, push people to vote, party discussion, publicity conversation, try to employ seven procedures, fully reflects the fair, just, democratic and transparent principles. This resulted in the company-wide sensation, greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the masses of workers post talent, so come to the fore a number of technical and managerial personnel, to achieve the objectives laid a second pioneering human resource base.
    The reporter saw, through a series of management reform and innovation, Octagon’s growing strength and profitability and increased industrial output value, sales revenue, total profit and exports to maintain the trend of increasing year after year, especially in export among the province’s textile business in the forefront. In 2010, major economic indicators of China’s textile industry sort, export delivery value ranked 47th, the social contribution rate ranked No. 45, entered the national textile industry to achieve the dual goal of 50.
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