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The charm of Walnut, California

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    The world's largest walnut producing area in where? The answer is California, USA. The United States, California walnut is the best recognized global quality walnut. Walnut, California United States with high quality planting environment, strict management system and planting the highest standards of production, processing, packaging standards, worldwide access to all recognition. Which is rich in nutrients but U.S. California walnuts into a super food, by the global walnut lovers?
    Information from ancient history can check that from the 17th century, missionaries began planting walnuts in California, USA. Because California's climate and Persians U.S. Nagai Mediterranean climate zones are very similar. From this point on, from the Persian walnut varieties will grow in the lush California. California walnut in the United States hundreds of years of cultivation history, although the main origin of the California walnut migrate from southern California to central and northern California, but did not affect the California walnut growing number of U.S. expansion and popularity. Women's Moncler Gaelle Fully Lined Vest in white
    So far, U.S. sales of California walnut sales accounted for 99% of American walnut, walnuts produced in California also of the global annual supply of about 2 / 3 share. Women's Moncler Gaelle Fully Lined Vest in blue
    U.S. walnut production in California what are the advantages? Women's Moncler Gaelle Fully Lined Vest in purple
    California, USA warm climate and fertile soil, very suitable for the growth of California walnut. Walnut, California United States starting from the initial planting, roughly five to seven years will have the first harvest. During this period, the plantation owners would each of them walnut tree pruning, cultivation, irrigation, and a series of work to ensure that each and every one walnut tree orchard health. However, a walnut tree to be planted as long as the growth and stability, it can be up to a century of time continues to bear high quality fruit. Women's Moncler Gaelle Fully Lined Vest in navy
    In late August each year, the United States, California walnut harvest, maturity. In that season, the United States, California walnut trees covered with heavy, plump and crumbling walnut fruit, wrapped in thick natural green shell. When the protective shells natural fade, it has been said that the fruit can be picked walnuts process, the upcoming harvest. Harvest season usually lasts until late November or so. Women's Moncler Gaelle Fully Lined Vest in gray
    California, USA Walnut strict packaging and processing standards Women's Moncler K2 vest in black
    American Walnut, California in the processing, packaging, stringent standards and restrictions, from the United States developed, rigorous, scientific agricultural production, processing system. Shell bright, high-quality products with the United States, California walnut, in the wash, after drying, to the identity of walnut shell were sent around the world. Women's Moncler K2 vest in wheat
    According to the different needs and uses walnut, well-dried walnut in the United States, California, after a thorough cleaning will be made of "shell" walnut. Only high-quality California walnut to the United States through food processing and the highest quality of the Authority's Health and strict standards. Women's Moncler K2 vest in red
    In the strict standards of food hygiene under the walnut according to the required standards, according to the full extent of walnut, is divided into "first path" and "Road", "three-way", "four" and so on. American Association of California dried fruits nuts mandatory, all of Walnut, California United States must meet even higher than the standard American walnut Chamber of Commerce. It is precisely because of this strict standard product system, making the U.S. the California walnut quality as the world model, so that more than 90 percent of the U.S. California walnut walnut way to supply the world. Supermarkets throughout the world not only become the walnut snacks, salad on the table has become, Dessert quality ingredients indispensable. Women's Moncler chany vest in black
    The nutritional characteristics of Walnut, California United States Women's Moncler chany vest in red
    Walnut, California United States because of the origin of the soil, good weather conditions, coupled with strict production control during the planting and management, making the U.S. the California walnut quality is better than other similar products in the world. California walnut in the United States has the nutrients, but also makes the United States, California walnuts are a lot of nutrition and health departments as a "super food" name.
    Walnuts are rich in California, USA ALA and Ω-3 fatty acids linolenic acid and other quality nutrients, antioxidants are good for prevention of human aging, maintaining cardiovascular health, prevention and care with excellent results. In addition, Walnut, California United States can provide for the daily needs of the human protein and dietary fiber. Walnut, California United States has in fact the U.S. Food and Drug Administration by the recognition, calling it "full of food." The rage of a healthy lifestyle, "Mediterranean diet", also specifically mentioned that eating a walnut California, USA, for the role of cardiovascular health significance. In addition to the above mentioned nutrients, walnuts also contain rare in other foods beneficial nutrients, including vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and folic acid and so on.
    California walnuts are rich in the United States the rich healthy fats, also makes it enables the body to produce satiety, which are rich in quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids, not only does not make people fat, but also beneficial to cardiovascular health. Therefore, the U.S. also has a California walnut diet food healthy reputation.
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